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Ways My Convenient and Affordable Laundry Service Can Simplify Your Life

You may think laundry service is a luxury that you either can't afford, or, an expense you cannot justify. What if you saved up to 50 percent on your water bill? How about you cut 10 percent or more from your electric bill because you no longer use your clothes dryer? What if you never had to buy laundry detergent or fabric softener again?

You have the best of intentions and try to keep a laundry schedule. Despite your best efforts do you still wake up some mornings realizing the outfit you want to wear isn't clean? Some weeks do you skip washing your bed sheets and wish you would have had time to do them? Do your family members have uniforms that they absolutely must have clean weekly but getting them done is a struggle?

How many blankets do you have that really don't get washed well in your machine because it's just not big enough? How about curtains, throw rugs and pet beds?

If you have questions contact me ANYTIME. I am happy to provide the best service every time, all the time. If you are already using another laundry service, give One Acre a try.

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